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Palm Tree Trimming IN LAKELAND, FL

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Well-groomed palm trees on your property greatly enhance its curb appeal. Not only do they increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or building, they also offer a great deal of shade during the hot Florida summers. You don’t have to go out on a limb to keep the palm trees on your property in great condition. Our highly trained arborists are dedicated to keeping plant life of all shapes, sizes, and species healthy and green. When you’re looking to keep your greenery beautiful, turn to our trusted crew for professional palm tree trimming in Lakeland, FL.

It’s a common misconception that tree pruning and trimming are done solely for their aesthetic benefits. While skillful maintenance helps keep a palm tree from looking overgrown, it’s also vital to its health. Keeping an optimal number of leaves protects the tree from wind damage, parasitic infection, and ensures it has a rich food source. Let our experts help you maintain the healthy, uniform look of evenly groomed foliage with our palm tree pruning service.

Home Surrounded by Palm Trees

Prevent Overhanging Fronds with Our Palm Tree Service

Low-hanging branches and fronds can be potentially dangerous if they hang above your structure or over the sidewalk. A particularly widespread growth can be a hazard to anyone passing through or by your property.  As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain the whole tree, especially if its branches or fronds begin to hang low over public areas.  

When you request our help, our expert arborists use advanced equipment and tools to carefully trim and remove overgrown foliage. Trust our team to help you avoid a liability and ensure your property and its most adjacent areas are safe for employees, customers, and passersby alike.

Invest in Healthy Greenery with Palm Tree Maintenance

Without keeping an eye on the growth of your palms, they can begin to take over your yard or property before you know it. In addition, if your foliage begins to crowd your lawn it can prevent sunlight from adequately reaching your property. If you have a lawn to maintain, a lack of sunlight can adversely affect the health and lusciousness of your grass, and in turn--your palms. 

Take advantage of our effective maintenance on a regular basis to help prevent adverse growth patterns, and keep your growth from becoming too difficult to manage. By giving congested foliage room to breathe, it receives greater nourishment and leaves you with better looking property. Let our experts keep your growth in check year round and maintain a look that you can be proud of.

Contact our professionals to determine a maintenance schedule that works best for you and your trees. We proudly serve customers in Lakeland, Mulberry, Champions Gate, Plant City, and Poinciana, Florida.